Agnihotra for Swine Flu

The ancient 'Vedas' describe an excellent way to burn away the negativity in one's life by performing the 'Agnihotra' at the exact time of sunset and sunrise. This corresponds to nature's Biorhythm, and is based upon the science of Bioenergy.
It is a method of burning a fire in a copper vessel, having the shape of an inverted pyramid, with the dried cake of cowdung, ghee made of cow's milk and whole rice grains, (about two pinches) while chanting mantras. 

The Four Elements

(ARIES March 21-April 19, LEO July 23-August 22, SAGITTARIUS November 22-December 21)

Fire is bright, strong, and takes control. It wants to be in charge. You never can miss fire. Never subtle, the most confident of all the signs. When it wants something you will know! Fire people do not stop until they get what they want. Look to the fire people as the leaders. The majority of world leaders have strong fire elements in their charts. People look to fire people as the energy boosters of the zodiac


रेकी म्हणजे अविरत वाहणारी वैश्विक प्रकाश उर्जा. या ऊर्जेशी मानवाचे साधले गेलेले संधान. रेकी ही जपानी विद्या आहे.

NavaGraha Stotra

Navagraha Stotras are believed to pacify the planets and protect the reciter from the evil effects of the planets. In Sanskrit, "Nava" means Nine and "Graha" means planet. Navagraha Stotras are therefore stotras for the nine planets

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