Crystal Healing and Mantras

When giving crystal healing, if we also chant mantras, the effect of the healing is multiplied several times. The person, who takes the healing, is benefited not only in his/her physical problems but also attains a spiritual growth.

When studying the seven energy chakras in yog shastra, it is seen that they bear a striking similarity with the nerve plexuses in the body according to modern medical science.

According to yog shastra, there is a central ,’ mula beej mantra’ in the chakra. This is like a conglomeration of energy. For the ultimate state of awareness which is called ‘kundalini jagruti’, each mantra of each of the seven chakras is chanted to energize the chakras.

People, who cannot chant Sanskrit mantras, can meditate upon the deity each of which represents a particular chakra. We are going to understand each chakra, and its deity and the mantra for energizing it.

Muladhar Chakra (Root centre) : Mantra : 'La' Lord : Ganesh
This chakra helps attain spiritual growth and enhanced sexual energy.
Swadhishthan Chakra (Spleen centre) : Mantra : 'Wa' Lord : Brahma
This chakra helps to eliminate soluble wastes by activating kidney function. It also acts upon the genital organs.
Manipur Chakra Solar (Plexus centre) : Mantra : 'Ra' Lord : Vishnu
Improves vitality, stamina, and also digestive power.
Anahat Chakra (Heart centre) : Mantra : 'Ya' Lord : Shiva
This relates to love, emotions and enhances heart function.
Vishuddha Chakra (Throat centre) : Mantra : 'HA' Lord : Jeevatma
This helps imaginative powers, and enhances breathing activity.
Adnya Chakra (Brow centre) : Mantra : 'Om' Lord : Guru
This chakra helps to harmonize various glands in the body. It improves eyesight.
Sahastrar Chakra (Crown centre) : Mantra : 'Sohum' Lord : Parmatma
This chakra has a controlling effect upon each of the above chakras. It has its effect upon the brain.

By placing the correct crystal on the chakras, and chanting its mantra, one can multiply the benefit of crystal healing.