Case Studies

Case I
Mrs Xyz was distressed from harassment at her work place. She was overburdened and not appreciated though she was very adept at her work. It was totally draining her out and depressing.In the first session of crystal healing she was found to have a poor aura. All her chakras were imbalanced. In the healing process, she began to see colours of the chakras as they were treated one by one.She experienced immense benefit in a few sessions. She felt totally rejuvenated and bright. Bright even in her aura. She started being appreciated for her work and made great progress in her career.She appeared for her MBA and did well.
Case II
This is a case of a young couple married for 7 years. They were still longing for a child. They had all their medical tests done. They tried various forms of treatment but were no successful. Crystal healing was given to both of them. The imbalanced chakras were treated. The sixth and seventh chakras were treated with multiple crystals, The wife conceived in a few days.
Case III
This was an offbeat case. A software engineer girl, who was quite simple ,from West Bengal in India was not finding the right match. She wished to marry a Maharashtrian brahmin boy, who was also wealthy.She also wished that he be settled abroad. This was so unusual, that it seemed almost impossible.However as I believe in miracles, I decided to try. After crystal healing was given with special emphasis on intention and concentration techniques,she very miraculously got just the kind of match she wanted, and is now happily settled in New Jersey.
So as crystal healing helps not only in physical ailments, it also greatly helps in developing confidence and will power.



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