Crystal Healing And Meditation

Many a times we need to recharge out emotional and physical energy. We also feel depressed and restless from the day to day stresses. This has a great cure in meditation with use of crystals

The chakras that have a control on this mysterious power of meditation are the ‘solar plexus and the ‘crown chakra’.

Start by tying crystals on your forehead with a band. Use a piece of marble or clear quartz on the brow chakra. On the crown, use an amethyst. The band should be comfortably tied to secure the crystals in place.

Concentrate your mind on a feeling of heavenly peace. Of a peaceful place full of lush greenery, a gentle breeze, and clear blue sky. Imagine you are seated below, a large banyan tree. If you can really meditate in such a place, you can get great results. You begin to feel fresh, energetic and rejuvenated. Your aura is charged with positive energy.

Another way described in ancient Indian yogic methods is that of sticking the crystals on the chakras, and concentrating on a candle flame. This is called ‘tratak’.But those with imbalanced chakras, like those suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress, cannot do this kind of concentration. Their energy levels a not sufficient for their same. They need supportive energy from a healer. The healer stands behind the person and transmits energy to them, helping them to balance their chakras.

The person’s reaction to the process will determine the change in the use of crystals and their size.

This brings about not just mental and physical rejuvenation, but there are experiences that wishes and desires get fulfilled by this kind of concentration method, with the help of crystal healing.