Crystal Healing and Pregnancy

The root chakra, sacral chakra and naval chakra are the three important chakras for conception, during pregnancy, and child birth.

The root chakra enhances grounding, or connecting to nature. Balancing this chakra is helpful in proper growth and development of the foetus.

The sacral chakra lies above the pubic bone. It regulates fluids in the body in the form of normal body secretions thus helping the formation of a normal liquor.

Stones used for balancing this chakra are coral, orange jasper and carnelian.

The naval chakra, or the solar plexus lies in the region above the naval. This chakra influences or represents the stomach, liver, spleen and gall bladder, the digestive system, pelvic region and autonomic nervous system.

Stones that are useful for treating the naval chakra, are topaz, yellow sapphire, citrine and tiger eye. Women who cannot attend a healing session can benefit by attaching the stones with adhesive tapes onto the lower abdomen. Even during child birth, if only the yellow sapphire is kept with the woman, it greatly helps the birth process.