Crystal Healing with Tourmaline

The tourmaline is a very important semi precious stone used in crystal healing specially used to ward off and wipe off negative energy. It magical properties can help to solve many health problems.
Tourmalines help to energize different organs and systems in the body.
Tourmalines come in pink, black, green, blue and red colours.

The Blue tourmaline acts on the ‘throat chakra’. It relates to the thyroid gland, and helps to regulate its functions.

The Green tourmaline regulates the blood pressure and helps to strengthen the heart muscles and nervous system. It works on the ‘heart chakra’.

The pink and red tourmalines are known to balance the metabolism, remove toxins from the body, and regulate the blood circulation. They have a stabilizing effect on the female sexual organs. They act on the ‘root chakra’.

The Black tourmaline is especially useful in situations arising from emotional turmoil and in danger. It protects from all negative energy influences. It is also useful to recover from disease conditions that may be life threatening. The person using the black tourmaline can be freed of fear and worry.

The central nervous system is known to be positively influenced by it. It helps to remove muscular weakness, and ward off depression.