Crystal Healing and Agnihotra

To perform crystal healing at the time of Agnihotra, multiplies its healing effects manifold.

The process of Agnihotra consists of making two offerings to the fire exactly at the time of sunrise & sunset alongwith the chanting of two small Sanskrit mantras.

Agnihotra is a process of purification of the atmosphere as a cumulative effect of various scientific principles harnessed to give rise to an unparalled purifying and healing phenomenon.

The offerings consist of two pinchfuls of uncooked WHOLE rice grains smeared with a few drops of cow's pure ghee. The fire is prepared out of dried cow dung cakes in a small copper pot of a semi-pyramid shape.

The positive effects of Agnihotra are an outcome of simultaneous functioning of many subtle scientific principles such as, effect of chanting of specific sounds on the atmosphere and mind, energies emanating from the pyramid- shape, purifying effect of burning of medicinal ingredients and the effects of bio-rhythms etc.

Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere for about 8 miles in all directions, and also has a beneficial effect on the ozone layer. It has a great harmonizing effect upon the human mind, and human energy field. It cleanses the negative effects of pollution.

When a person has been affected by negative vibrations, his energy filed is greatly disturbed and can have a very disturbing effect upon the atmosphere surrounding him. In such cases the Crystal healing done at the time of Agnihotra can be of great help in removing the effects of negative vibrations.