Crystal Reiki

Reiki is generally known to all as a way of healing, but it has a vaster and all pervasive energizing effect.

Reiki is an evolved way of living; a way of accessing positive cosmic energy. It is not only useful for healing but also for preventing ill health on the physical and mental level.
It helps to enhance and endure positive living.

It has the potential to heal a number of illnesses, shortcomings, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. But it is also necessary to have faith and an open, unbiased mind. As lack of faith and bias can create obstacles in the flow of energy.

After learning the techniques of Reiki it is essential that one practices self purification daily. As much as it is important to breathe to live, so is Reiki essential for an optimal life.

In the stress of today’s life, with pollution, and global warming, mental stability has become a challenge. So man tends to go into patterns of negative thinking., giving an invitation to ill health.

Reiki acts on the chakras in the human body. It inspires the subconscious mind to think positively, and man begins to be freed from ill health, and moves towards spiritual progress.

The world and all living things on it are from a balance between the five basic elements; that are earth, water, fire, air, and ether.(pruthvi, aap, tej, vayu, aakash- in Sanskrit language).
These five elements are present in the human body, and can be balanced with the help of Reiki.
The use of crystals with Reiki, greatly enhances its effect manifold.
Crystals help to overcome the blocks in the flow of Reiki, and help to amplify its effect.

The human body is like a crystal. It can absorb and radiate energy. A Reiki healer can identify the weak chakras in a human body, and can help to rebalance and energize with crystal Reiki. In Crystal Reiki, clear crystals and Tourmaline are first used with Reiki symbols to remove negative energy.

Then use of appropriate crystals is made to balance, stimulate or sedate the chakras as required.
Even the crystals to be used are first purified with saline water, and then given Reiki, or kept in bright sunlight. Crystals belong to the earth element, and the have a profound effect on the human body which also has the earth element. A crystal has its own colour, energy vibration and its own function. The energy frequencies from crystals act on the human body more effectively with Reiki, and help to rebalance it, with positive cosmic energy, enabling man to live life optimally.