Every quartz crystal has its own powerful healing energy. And it is these dynamic energies which assist the body to heal itself by rebalancing the imbalanced vibrations of the human body - in mind, body and spirit.

When you receive your healing crystal, hold it in your right hand and envision the energies of the crystal pulsating through your hand, up into your shoulder and flowing through your whole body from your head to your

And as the crystal energies envelop your whole being, send a mental thought to these energies that they will lovingly rebalance all the imbalanced vibrations which exist within your body.

And every day - in every way - if you spend 15-20 minutes with your healing crystal you will begin to notice that your health condition starts to improve - and that you have more vitality and positive energies surrounding you.

At night place your healing crystal underneath your pillow - and whilst you are asleep you will continue to absorb its powerful healing energies.

During the day time - at work or leisure - carry the healing crystal around with you - in your pocket - so that the healing energies and vibrations of your crystal will continue to flow within you.