Crystal Healing And The Spirit World

We take many births upon this earth. The period between two births is spent in the spirit world. To achieve connection with the spirit has been done in ancient times. During the 15 days of the Hindu month Bhadrapad, during the waning phase of the moon, is the period of special importance in this respect. Special rituals performed during this period, are known to have a beneficial effect upon the progress of spirits of our ancestors, and others who were close to us. The blessings received from them are next only to God’s.
Their unfulfilled wishes are fulfilled through us.
Similarly some evil spirits may fulfill their wishes through living people.

People with a weak aura or imbalanced chakras fall prey to such spirits. Such people may feel the symptoms, of being unwell.

When there is an influence of negative energies upon you, you may have the following indications. Weakness, feverishness, dizziness, feeling that something pricks and all these occurring for a long time, and not amenable to any good treatment. The cause is not fathomable by any pathological tests.
Also negative things happening one after another also may indicate the influence of negative energies upon you.

If you doubt any of this, it is necessary to protect yourself in different ways. For this you must meditate upon your Guru, and pray for a way out of this. The aura energizing techniques are to be applied. The energy chakras can be balanced with crystal healing.

For this ‘Blood stone’, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Moon stone, Red Jasper’, and Carnelian are very useful during crystal healing, by an expert in the field.