Agnihotra for Swine Flu

The ancient 'Vedas' describe an excellent way to burn away the negativity in one's life by performing the 'Agnihotra' at the exact time of sunset and sunrise. This corresponds to nature's Biorhythm, and is based upon the science of Bioenergy.
It is a method of burning a fire in a copper vessel, having the shape of an inverted pyramid, with the dried cake of cowdung, ghee made of cow's milk and whole rice grains, (about two pinches) while chanting mantras. The mantras create specific sound energy vibration, which purify the atmosphere, making it conducive to health and creativity, and protection from various diseases, including the present epidemic of swine flu. It is a very easy procedure that can be performed in any place.
There is no restriction of age, sex, or religion to perform 'Agnihotra'. The benefits of this are manifold, and have been extensively researched by modern methods.

Agnihotra relates to the purification of the Cosmic life energy. Kirlian photography proves that even inanimate objects have a certain energy field. This means that Cosmic energy is part if everything visible, and invisible, animate and inanimate on earth.

The place where 'Agnihotra' is performed has a healing cycle of purity and sanctity. In the epidemic of Swine flu, performance of 'Agnihotra' is greatly beneficial, as it helps to remove disease causing organisms from the atmosphere. In such a situation if one is not able to accurately follow the timings of sunrise or sunset, or chant mantras, the actual fire of Agnihotra can still be beneficial.

Researchers have found that the medicinal properties of the fire, and fumes produced while performing the Agnihotra, with cowdung cakes, and cow ghee arrests growth of disease causing germs. If it is not possible to obtain cowdung cakes, one can use twigs of medicinal plants for the fire.

We can observe that in Shirdi, the place of abode of Shri Sai baba, there is a holy fire burning since more than 100 years, and devotees have experienced the amazing healing powers at that place. The use of Agnihotra is to be experienced. We have been using it for a long time, and no one has suffered from swine flu in our vicinity. Besides we are in contact with a lot of patients being related to the medical field, but have been able to protect ourselves from it.